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This all-steel welded system is rugged enough for all types of jobs yet portable enough to fit into hard-to-reach areas. This wet/dry combo blaster features an integrated water pump, supports a wide variety of nozzles and is reliable, safe and easy to use.

It can even go from traditional dry blasting to wet abrasive aka ‘dustless’ blasting with the flick of a switch. The ECO-100 rivals any other micro-abrasion system on the market, making it incredibly useful in the historic preservation industry.

In fact, it’s so versatile that people have called it the “Swiss Army Knife” of blasting!



The upgraded pressure-hold system, built for production-oriented contractors, has an upgraded, more precise media control valve. The vessel is pressurized using a simple on/off button on our control panel, so the blasting commences instantly when an operator pulls the Deadman.


The pressure-release system, built for project-oriented contractors, comes with a standard manual plunger media valve where the machine depressurizes upon releasing the Deadman & the air gets exhausted. To re-pressurize & start blasting, pull the Deadman & wait a few seconds.



With the ability to operate at a low pressures, the ECO-100 can clean a business card and will only remove the surface contaminant & not cause surface damage (perfect for use on soft stone & masonry). Need to strip rust or old paint off a surface and prep it for a new coating – crank up the pressure and use a harder abrasive.


Instead of a traditional ‘slurry’ system where the media & water are mixed together in the pot, the ECO-100 mixes them at the nozzle, meaning you can go back & forth from dry blasting to wet aka ‘dustless’ blasting in the flick of a switch. This separation of water & media also allows you to save your unused media, saving you huge.


These all-steel welded systems are rugged enough for all types of jobs but also lightweight and portable enough to fit onto aerial lifts & scaffolding and into hard-to-reach areas like attics, crawl spaces, basements or where you need it to go. The ECO-100 is so versatile that people have called it ‘the Swiss Army knife of blasting.’


We take great pride in crafting the very best in abrasive blasting equipment and accessories for our clients. We manufacture, sell and service all of our equipment under the ClearBlast and ECO-Flex brands in Pennsylvania. That means all Eclipse equipment is made in the USA!

Pot Size: 1 cubic foot
Weight: 125 lbs (empty)
Media Usage: 100-125 lbs per hour
Water Usage: 12-15 gallons per hour
Media Capacity: 50-100 lbs depending on abrasive type
Hose Length: 50′ blast hose standard, up to 200′ w. extensions
Run Time: 20-50 minutes
Blast Pressure Range: 5-125 psi
Minimum Air Supply: 60 cfm
Water Tank Capacity: Sold separately
Blast Hose Size: Available in 1/2″ or 1″ 
On-Board Water Pump? Yes
Air Dryer Needed? Yes (sold separately)
Media Control: PRO = standard plunger media control
ELITE = upgraded TeraValve XL for more precise media control

ECO-Flex 92-100
The ECO-Flex 92-100 is our complete tow-behind system that features a 92 cfm compressor, built-in ECO-Aire® dryer, portable 25 gallon water tank as well as our patented ECO-100® Elite wet/dry combo blaster, mounted on a sturdy 10′ x 5′ aluminum trailer with folding ramp for max portability.

ECO-Aire® Dryers
Clean, dry compressed air is essential when performing any kind of cleaning or blasting operation. We build these systems ourselves using high quality, industrial grade components. We offer two different sizes to choose from, meaning there is an ECO-Aire® Dryer System for everyone.

Automotive Restoration
Antique Restoration
Masonry, Stone & Brick Work
Paint & Coating Removal
Parking Line Removal
Graffiti Removal
Disaster Remediation
Concrete Stenciling
Rust & Scale Removal
Surface Preparation
Custom Surface Profiles
Fountain & Swimming Pool Cleaning
Wood Restoration
Historic Preservation
Marine Maintenance
Fleet Vehicle Maintenance
Gum & Spill Removal
And so much more!

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